What to expect with Xplore Pro

Dive into an unparalleled learning experience. Everything you need to be tech savvy and financially stable.

  • Live Training Sessions: Real-time, interactive sessions with our expert coaches. Get your questions answered on the spot and engage in collaborative learning.

  • Comprehensive Courses: Gain instant access to our expansive course library. From Python programming and Cloud Administration to Day Trading Forex – we've got it all covered.

  • Exclusive Trading Indicators: Enhance your trading strategies with our proprietary trading indicators. Designed for precision and efficiency, these indicators are a game-changer for both beginners and seasoned traders.

Your Membership Includes

Future courses and resources will automatically be included🔥

Exclusive Early Bird perks

Sign up early, become a Xplore Pro Pioneer and Unlock these extras:
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  • Hall of Fame

    A special place on our website celebrating your commitment

  • Bonus Membership Month

    Claim a Free month, anytime
    (valid after your first 3 months of Xplore Pro membership)

  • Golden Ticket

    A personal, transformative session with Coach Antoine. Get clarity and a roadmap for your goals

  • Pioneer Meetup

    Early bird members aka Xplore Pro Pioneers will be invited to an exclusive meetup to talk goals, collaboration and more

  • Free Python Certification

    Get Free access to our entry-level certification prep boot camp. We'll cover your certification cost!

  • Feedback Privilege

    Directly influence our course content and platform enhancements.

Unlock Live Day Trading With the Pros

Your Xplore Pro Membership allows you to Earn while you Learn

“Look, if you're trying to level up your trading game, you've got to join our live sessions. 500 pips up on gold? Yeah, it's wild! 🚀 Come join the session, and let's break down how we can ride these waves together!”

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Frequently Ask Questions about Xplore Pro

  • What if I'm already a member? Do I get Xplore Pro automatically?

    Some members will be grandfathered into Xplore Pro. You qualify if:
    - You are paying a membership fee of $149/month or more
    - You are paying an annual membership fee of $1500/year or more.

    If either of these two scenarios are true, Click here to send us an email and we will help you get access to Xplore Pro.

    If you are paying less than the above-stated amounts, you will remain on your current plan.

  • How many live sessions are included in Xplore Pro?

    With Xplore Pro, you'll have access to all our live training sessions, webinars, and Q&A sessions. We conduct multiple live sessions each week across various tech domains.

  • How is the pricing structured for Xplore Pro?

    Xplore Pro is offered at an affordable monthly membership rate of $199. This single subscription covers all our offerings, ensuring maximum value. We do have Scholarship opportunities available for students who are facing financial hardships. Learn more here

  • Are there any discounts available for longer-term commitments?

    Yes! We offer discounted rates for those who opt for semi-annual or annual subscriptions. Reach out to our support team for more details.

  • I've never attended a live webinar before. How does it work?

    Our live webinars are interactive sessions conducted by experts. You can ask questions, get real-time feedback, and collaborate with fellow learners. Once you're enrolled in Xplore Pro, you'll receive notifications and access links for all upcoming live sessions.

  • Can I switch between courses freely with Xplore Pro?

    Absolutely! With Xplore Pro, you're not bound to any single path. You can explore, switch, or even combine multiple courses as per your interests.

  • Do you offer internships or real-world projects?

    Yes, we do! We believe in practical learning. As part of certain courses, you'll have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, and for top performers on a Learning Track, we offer internship opportunities with our partner companies.

  • How often do you add new courses or content to Xplore Pro?

    We're constantly evolving! We add new courses, update existing content, and introduce fresh webinars regularly. As an Xplore Pro member, you'll always be at the forefront of tech education. If you have more questions, just reach out to our support team.

  • What not included in Xplore Pro?

    While Xplore Pro provides a wealth of opportunities, there are certain offerings not included due to associated costs:

    • Partner Courses: We occasionally collaborate with external coaches to provide specialized courses, workshops, events, and more. While we aim to include many of these in Xplore Pro at no extra charge, some require separate compensation for the experts involved.
    • In-Depth Programs: Extended learning tracks, such as boot camps and cohort programs, demand more resources. While these have a base price outside of Xplore Pro, members can avail of scholarships to reduce this cost.
    • Specific Tools: Your membership grants you access to various custom-built tools, like trading indicators, code editors, and chat platforms. However, tools developed by third parties or our partners might not be included. Rest assured, we always aim to secure discounted access for our Xplore Pro members.
    • Events: While many of our events are freely accessible to members, some, especially in-person gatherings like boot camps, conferences, or retreats, might come with a cost due to the logistical and financial considerations involved.