Where this path will lead you

Python can be used build robots, scrape data, create VR experiences, build A.I. bots and even automate Forex trading strategies. Are you really ready for all this power

  • Become a Certified Python developer

  • Learn how to use python frameworks and libraries

  • Get experience working on teams and building a portfolio

  • Learn the fundamentals of A.I. and Machine Learning libraries

  • Learn the fundamentals of building an automated trading bot

Let your inner genius shine.

Some people say that coding in Python makes them feel like they are deep in the Matrix. But python isn't a bunch of 1s and 0s. It's actually written in plain English.

If you can read or write a sentence of plain English, you can read and write your own python apps. #JoinOurTribe

Build Your Own Trading Bot Using Just Python

Some people want a build a career, some want to build a dope app. Which are you?

Have you ever wondered how Big Banks and Hedge Funds manage and invest tens of billions of dollars? Get full access to the power behind the Big Bank's billion-dollar algorithmic trading departments.

When you learn python you can fully automate your strategies and start taking full advantage of the trillion $ equities and securities markets. No prior experience with trading or coding is expected. Start digesting our lessons and change your entire perspective on trading automation and the true power of coding.

This Path comes with one of our coolest mini-courses: Intro to Black Box Trading where you'll learn the 4 Steps to building a Trading Bot.