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Transformative Testimonials From Our Tribe Members

Meet some of our Tribe Members who are unlocking new horizons and redefining their futures.

“Antoine's journey began behind bars, where he discovered coding. Through determination and skills honed, he secured a position in the tech industry mere weeks after his release – all without a college degree.”

“Juggling a demanding job, Franchell took on the challenge of mastering Python with us. Her unwavering dedication was rewarded with an impressive offer: $120K annually, coupled with generous bonuses and a relocation package.”

“Chris already had a steady government role but envisioned more for himself. By applying the coding expertise he gained from Unlock Academy, he not only enhanced his role but also achieved a commendable 26% salary increment.”

“Mike, a day trader, faced numerous hurdles in his trading journey. However, our day trading courses gave him the clarity and confidence he sought, culminating in a remarkable $200,000 funded account.”

“Jay's ambition was clear: financial freedom for family vacations and his children's education. With our day trading training, he transformed a modest $3K investment into a thriving $20K portfolio in just 3 months. Today, he imparts his knowledge as a dedicated Coach at Unlock Academy.”

“In the tumultuous times of the 2020 pandemic, Nichole faced job loss. Yet, her determination led her to Unlock Academy, mastering web development. Recognizing her prowess, we welcomed her onboard as a coach. Today, she also thrives as a freelance web developer, turning challenges into opportunities.”

Meet the Masterminds: Our Elite Coaching Squad

Here are just a few more of your Coaches

“Founder of Zachary BXLLION Virtual Studios, Coach Zach is an aficionado of VR and AR technologies. As a Design Coach at Unlock Academy, he imparts invaluable knowledge about design tools and fosters a culture of innovative design thinking among our students.”

“Guiding students on their learning journey, Coach Greg is our dedicated Student Success Coach. He ensures students set and achieve their academic goals, offering personalized 1:1 sessions and connecting them with valuable industry recruiters, ensuring holistic growth.”

“As an Accountability Coach, Craig is the driving force keeping members motivated, timely, and consistently engaged with their course materials. Beyond coaching, he passionately works towards criminal justice reform, striving to end practices like solitary confinement.”

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Make some extra passive income while you build your tech career

Step into the world of trading with Coach Bobby, a seasoned full-time day trader with an exceptional eye for the markets. More than just sharing his expertise, Bobby actively calls out promising trades every week, giving members a head start in the market. Having guided hundreds through the intricacies of trading strategies, he now makes it even easier for members by predicting market moves in advance. Dive deep into his exclusive techniques during our members-only weekly sessions and benefit from his foresight and experience in the trading world.