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When the class reached the point where we got to the JavaScript I was really proud when instead of pushing his agenda how schools do, he instead slowed his teaching speed to go a bit more indepth with the smaller details to ensure that things really sunk in making it more of an personal experience especially for those who have struggled and got the attention desired from him or other students to help motivate people and fix comprehension issues.
Mr. Gilbert
The Unlock Academy has given me the confidence to believe that I'll be able to check off an item on my 2019 vision board of creating my own website. Coach is so humble and real it makes leaning a joy. He's knowledgeable, and patient, which makes me comfortable. I'm so grateful that he's sharing his skills with us. Thank you!
T. Mitchell
The teaching style is detailed and supportive.  He takes time to make sure that no one is left behind, answer questions and still provide a full lesson within the 90 minute session.  Definitely appreciate the YouTube upload because it has the pause, rewind and fast forward option for times when I need to save time, but it's good to re-watch the videos fully.  I appreciate the opportunity to learn and develop my skills and am so glad that I found Unlock Academy.
You have taught me so much in a week, you're an amazing teacher!
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Coding Classes for Non-Geeks

The Myth: Coding is one of the hardest skill to acquire and only those with the highest IQ can learn the craft.

The Truth: Teachers are the deciding factor. Many coding teachers move fast, use way too much jargon, and rarely hold tutoring sessions. 

The Unlock Academy Coaches are relatable, they minimize jargon and they answer questions in our private group. We even have live, online tutoring webinars.
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