Our Refund Promise

We strive to make everyone of our students as happy as can be. We know everyone "says" things like that, so that's why we give you the opportunity to see for yourself with a 14-day money back guarantee .

Before deciding to cancel, we strongly suggest that you send us a message. We may be able to provide you some clarity or if the mistake is on our end, we will make it up to you!

How our refund policy works

If you enter this program and aren’t satisfied by the extreme value you find within, We will refund you your full purchase price with no questions asked (less a small admin fee to cover processing).

Refund requests must be submitted within 14 days of purchase and sent to our customer service email help@unlock.academy.

We do, however, ask that you give the materials a go first. (As we all know, no program – no matter how amazing – ever works without implementation.) So you will need to send through the completed exercises for the first two lessons to be eligible for the refund.

If you would like a refund for a course that has not started yet, the 14 day policy does not apply to you. Registration cancellations received prior to the course start date may be eligible to receive a full refund (less a small admin fee to cover processing).

All refund requests must include the name of the student (as used to register with) and/or transaction number.

How to cancel your account or monthly payments

If you are paying monthly installments for a course or monthly membership fees, you can cancel at any time.

To cancel any future payments you can send us an email at help@unlock.academy or go to your billing section and cancel from there.