Why Should Billionaires Have all the fun?

  • Bank of America made $2,200,000,000 in one quarter from automated trading
  • In February 2018, Goldman Sachs make $200 million in profit on a single day
  • JP Morgan plans to plow more than $100 million into its equities trading technology in coming years

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Get the Blueprint to Building Trading Bots

Ever wondered How Automated Day Trading Works? Getting started is simple: you decide on a strategy and rules. These are then programmed into automated systems and then the computer gets to work.

Don't have the patience to code your own bot? It's still important to understand how it all works so you can hire the right developer to build your bot.
Building a Trading Robot at The Unlock Academy

What You Will Learn

Whether you are seeking to build a bot for yourself or if you want to hire someone to build it for you, this content will answer a lot of the fundamental questions you are sure to have.

If you like what you learn, jump in our Python101 course to start learning the fundamentals of coding and eventually building your own bot.

  • The 4 Steps to creating a trading bot with a winning strategy

  • Exactly how trading bots are built

  • How to use Python to automate your trading

  • How long it takes to build a bot

The FinTech version of Black Wall Street

Unlock Academy is more than a training platform. We are rebuilding a movement that was destroyed, rebuilt, and now due for a huge makeover.

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