How can kids get free access to Gaming101?

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Teenage tech phenom JayJay.Digital called the shot: "Youth members get free access to #Gaming101. Period".

Although we teach all youth, her mission is to empower Black and LatinX youth with coding skills. "We'll coach them into building apps, launching multi-million-dollar tech startups, and ultimately creating generational wealth".

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Traditional schools thing the video game is a worthless distraction. The Unlock Academy believes its a worthy tool. Don't take the controller away from people just change what they are playing.

We've created a powerful way for you people to learn how to code without turning off the PlayStation or Xbox.

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20 for 20 Challenge!

Our curriculum is designed to empower you to be consistent, creative and challenged. Check out the free preview for more information.

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    Course Introduction

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    Gaming101 Curriculum

    • Day 1 - Code Combat

    • Day 2 - Star Wars

    • Day 3 - Dance Party

    • Day 4 - Minecraft

    • Day 5 - Flappy Bird

    • Day 6 - Code Monster

    • Day 7 - Catch Up Day

    • Day 8 - Vlog: What Coding is About

    • Day 9 - Blog: Why Children Should Learn to Code

    • Day 10 - How Much Money Coders Make

    • Day 11 - Intro to Scratch

    • How to create an account on Scratch

    • Day 12 - Recreating a Scratch Project

    • Day 13 - Creating Your Own Scratch Project

    • Day 14 - 19 - Scratch Check-In

    • Day 20 - Pay it Forward

    • Next Steps

Meet the Instructors

Antoine.Digital & JayJay.Digital

Antoine taught his daughter Jay Jay how to code when she was just 10 years old. Now they travel the world together teaching kids and adults how to code. They are passionate about introducing the masses to the power of coding.

If you have a question or want to book Antoine & Jay Jay, shoot us an email:
Antoine Patton and Jay Jay Patton
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