Option #1: Launch a New Tech Career in 7 months

Your scholarship can be applied to our upcoming coding cohort that starts in January 2024. However, prep classes are being held all November and December to get you prepared for the cohort.

Option #2: Become a profitable day trader

* Although we can guarantee that we'll teach you how to trade, when to trade, how to manage trades, and best practices for becoming a funded trader, we can not guarantee any financial gain as past results are not indicative of future results. Nonetheless, we invite you to learn and earn with the community.

How The Ambassador Program Works

The Ambassador Scholarship Program is a strategic initiative by Unlock Academy to increase our outreach and engagement within the community. Ambassadors are often chosen from among the most dedicated and enthusiastic students or members, who then represent the institution or company in various capacities.

Benefits for Ambassadors:

  • Scholarships: Reduced tuition and unlimited access to courses in exchange for their ambassadorial duties.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access to exclusive events, industry professionals, and potential employers.
  • Professional Development: Training and experience that can be added to their resume.

Role of Ambassadors:

  • Represent the Academy: They represent the academy at events, on social media, and in their personal networks.
  • Share Experiences: Ambassadors share their learning journeys, testimonials, and success stories.
  • Mentorship: They may also provide guidance and support to new or potential students.

Selection Criteria

Enthusiasm: Candidates must show a passion for the academy’s mission and values.

Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills are necessary.

Duration: The ambassadorship lasts for a year unless further arrangements are made between student and staff.

Meet a few of our Top Performing Alumni

Our Tribe Members are unlocking new horizons and redefining their futures.

“Juggling a demanding job, Franchell took on the challenge of mastering Python with us. Her unwavering dedication was rewarded with an impressive offer: $120K annually, coupled with generous bonuses and a relocation package.”

“Chris already had a steady government role (non-technical) but envisioned more for himself. By applying the coding expertise he gained from Unlock Academy, he not only enhanced his role but also achieved a commendable 26% salary increment.”

“Mike, a day trader, faced numerous hurdles in his trading journey. However, our day trading courses gave him the clarity and confidence he sought, culminating in a remarkable $200,000 funded account.”

Meet the Masterminds: Our Elite Coaching Squad

Here are just a few more of your Coaches

“Founder of Zachary BXLLION Virtual Studios, Coach Zach is an aficionado of VR and AR technologies. As a Design Coach at Unlock Academy, he imparts invaluable knowledge about design tools and fosters a culture of innovative design thinking among our students.”

“Guiding students on their learning journey, Coach Greg is our dedicated Student Success Coach. He ensures students set and achieve their academic goals, offering personalized 1:1 sessions and connecting them with valuable industry recruiters, ensuring holistic growth.”

“As an Accountability Coach, Craig is the driving force keeping members motivated, timely, and consistently engaged with their course materials. Beyond coaching, he passionately works towards criminal justice reform, striving to end practices like solitary confinement.”

A Message from our Founder to Future Ambassadors

As a member of Unlock Academy, you're not just investing in your education; you're committing to a journey of growth and empowerment. When you choose to pay less, we envision you doing more – more for your personal development, more for your peers, and more for your community.

For Yourself:
Stay diligent in pursuing your learning objectives. Complete your assignments, engage with our materials every day, and let your passion for knowledge be unyielding. You are the master of your destiny, and through consistent effort, you'll achieve mastery over the subjects that once seemed daunting.

For Your Peers:
Become an active participant in our collaborative learning environment. I'm counting on you to be there in our Slack channels, ready to offer a helping hand. Whether it's sharing your screen during a live session or answering fundamental questions – your knowledge is invaluable. You've walked this path, and now you can light the way for others.

For Your Community:
Take your passion beyond the digital realm. Spread the word at local hubs like the Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, churches, barbershops, salons, and more. You are our Ambassador, inviting the next generation to free coding & trading sessions, igniting the spark of curiosity and the thrill of creation.

Together, we're not just learning; we're leading and we're changing lives.

Keep Unlocking Potential,
Coach Antoine.Digital
Founder, Unlock Academy

The Ambassador Scholarship Application Is Open until April 1st, 2024

By applying you agree to the Terms & Conditions