3 Things to Know About Cloud Engineers

  • Build the Cloud

    They build "clouds" in the sky: Cloud engineers work on creating a special type of computer system that's not located in just one place, like your home computer. Instead, it's spread out across many computers, kind of like a big, fluffy cloud in the sky. This allows people to access the same information and use the same programs from anywhere, just like how you can see the sky from anywhere!

  • Maintain the Cloud

    They keep the clouds running smoothly: Just like how you need to clean and take care of your room to make sure everything is working right, cloud engineers have to check and fix the "cloud" to make sure it's working properly. They make sure the information is safe, and that people can access it quickly.

  • Share the Cloud

    They help others use the clouds: Finally, cloud engineers help other people and companies use the "cloud" by teaching them how to use it, answering their questions, and helping solve any problems they might have. It's kind of like how you might help your friends with their homework if they need help.

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The Day to Day as a Cloud Engineer

Here are a few examples of what you may be doing when you get hired to work on the Cloud

  • Configuring Cloud infrastructure:

    You will be learning how to

    use cloud management tools built by Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), and Google (GCP). These tools are what make it possible to run and scale an online website or app. Almost every website in the world runs on one of these three "clouds".

  • Monitoring and maintaining the cloud environment:

    You will be responsible for

    ensuring that the cloud environment is functioning optimally and resolve any issues that may arise. This may involve monitoring performance, security, and availability. Coders build apps and websites but as a Cloud Engineer, you protect and maintain what the coders build.

  • Working with the Coding teams

    You will collaborate with

    software developers, architects, and other stakeholders to help them deploy and run their applications on the cloud. The coding team wants to focus on coding the next feature or fixing the bug. That leaves an opportunity for you to keep an eye on all the new code they "push" to the cloud. More on this later...

Meet your Coach

Jennifer Jordan

Cybersecurity Engineer

Coach Jenn is a Cyber Security Engineer, Cyber Threat Analyst, and Information Security Analyst that is on a serious mission to build next-gen cyber talent!

As a retired 20 year veteran of the Navy, Coach Jenn's career has spanned across various industries while her breadth of knowledge and experience is expansive.


Cybersecurity Engineer (Liberty Mutual Insurance)
Cyber Threat Analyst (Southern Company-parent company of Georgia Power)
Information Security Analyst (TraceSecurity)


BS Cybersecurity - Saint Leo University
CompTIA Sec+
EC Council C|EH (Certified Ethical Hacker)
Master Training Specialist

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