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“Embark on a unique educational journey with our Day Trading School, designed to evolve with you from basics to mastery. With a curriculum spanning 1st grade to 12th grade, we simplify complex jargon and use relatable examples and analogies, making the world of day trading accessible and enjoyable.”

“Enhance your trading prowess with our weekly live sessions. Led by seasoned experts, these interactive sessions delve into robust strategies, upcoming market opportunities, and invaluable mindset shifts. Stay informed, motivated, and ready to seize the market's potential. Come meet our coaches!”

“ Introducing T.Bot, our cutting-edge proprietary trading indicator. Engineered to perfection, T.Bot autonomously identifies and signals lucrative trading patterns, paving the way for more informed, precise, and profitable trading decisions. For your convenience, trading alerts are sent to your phone daily.”

4 Month Funded Mentorship Cohort

What does it mean to be funded?

A funded trader is someone who receives trading capital from a Prop Firm - an investment company that will give you money to trade. But first, you have to pass a trading challenge to see if you qualify to get the money (this is where we help) 

If you grow that trading capital, you get to keep 70-90% of the profits. If you lose the trading capital, you have to start over, take a new trading challenge, and when you pass, you can continue making profits again. Prop Firms have totally revolutionized the way day traders make money. We help our traders unlock these opportunities.


  • Included with Day Trading Membership ($149/month)

We do offer Scholarship opportunities to those facing financial hardships. Learn More Here.

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Live Day Trading Weekly

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“Look, if you're trying to level up your trading game, you've got to join our live sessions. 500 pips up on gold? Yeah, it's wild! 🚀 Come join the session, and let's break down how we can ride these waves together!”

“Want to master the art of scalping? Tap into my live session and I'll show you how to get in, grab your profits, and get out. Remember, it's about renting, not owning. Let's hustle smart! Come Unlock with me every Wednesday.”

“Join my live session, and I'll break it down so clearly, that you can trade the W and M trading patterns blindfolded! Dive into our live session and discover the magic of my Trading Indicator. No more endless staring, just timely notifications, and smart trades.”

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Whether you are a beginner who is still a bit intimidated by the idea of trading, or you're someone who has been struggling to reach profitability, our training will help you build confidence and more day trading success.