FAQs about T.Bot: AutoTrader

Stuck on a few things? We got you covered.

  • Are the analytics for all signals or just for personal trades?

    The analytics screen is for all trades T.Bot made automatically on your account. You will not have to worry about seeing data that does not pertain to your specific trading account.

  • How many trading accounts are permitted per AutoTrader member?

    Members are currently permitted to have three accounts: Two demo accounts and one live account or any combination to your liking.

  • Will you have access to my account or my money?

    We only have trading access to your broker account. We do not have access or privileges to withdraw money or make deposits into your account. This is not possible.

  • Can I use T. Bot AutoTrader using my Oanda broker and then do manual trading on MetaTrader?

    If you’re subscribed to our signals from T.Bot in our private community, you can manually trade on MetaTrader or any other broker you prefer. AutoTrader will still work in the account you set up for AutoTrader.

  • Would it be smart to do AutoTrader and AutoSignal to see which one works best for you?

    Yes, it would be smart to see if you would rather AutoTrade, receive and enter signals (AutoSignal), or do both. Everyone has different goals. AutoTrader is very controlled and less risk-averse. Whereas with signals that come from AutoSignal, you have total control over risk, the number of trades per day, profit per day, profit per month, etc.

  • Are we able to manually adjust our stop loss during a trade?

    Although it is possible, it is not recommended at the moment. T.Bot has different strategies that will automatically adjust your Stop Loss and Take Profit based on market behavior. So if you change the Stop Loss, T.Bot may in fact change it again.

  • Would AutoTrader give us the option to understand how it marked the chart so we can learn from it?

    We currently teach our members how to understand the market. Join our Day Trading Path to learn more and receive trading signals from T.Bot.

  • Will the app stay on during major news cycles?

    Yes, the app will stay on. Autotrader has a slight delay in adjusting when major news hits the market.

  • Can Youth use the app?

    To our Youth Members T.Bot AutoTrader is strictly for adults 18 and up and is NOT recommended for use by anyone below the age of 18.

  • What is the difference between Wallet Balance and Account Balance?

    Wallet Balance is broker fees. Account Balance is what you have available to trade.

  • What is Transaction History?

    These are the fees you were charged per trade.

  • I trade on ThinkSwim and Charles Schwab. Will these two companies be integrated with T.Bot AutoTrader later on?

    We will provide a mixture of different brokers and more markets shortly. We will let members know when more brokers are added.

  • Will we be able to use auto trader T.Bot for cryptocurrencies?

    Yes, cryptocurrency trading is currently being backtested in the T.Bot ecosystem.

  • What are S.E.E.D Fees?

    Instead of having a Monthly Max Profit, you will now see S.E.E.D. Fees are deducted per trade. SEED (Societal, Economical, Educational, and Development) Fees are used to cover operational costs and invest back into our community. We'll be offering scholarships, hiring more coaches, and going against the status quo to build the most robust trading community out there. Please note SEED Fees are not refundable.

  • What is a S.E.E.D. Wallet?

    Your SEED Fees will be deducted from a $200 deposit you will have to make through the app. The app will always ensure you have at least $25 in your wallet. You will be able to track each Fee right within the app. When you log in, you will have to set up your trading account and your SEED Wallet, and then you'll be good to go! SEED Fees for members are $0.50, and nonmembers are $0.50

  • How do SEED Fee refunds work?

    There will be no refund for the remaining SEED Fee in the user's wallet.

  • How do I contact the team?

    You can utilize our chatbox here on the website, or you can email us at Help@Unlock.Academy or Tbot@Unlock.Academy