Frontend Path: Become a Web Developer

Learn how to build beautiful web and mobile interfaces

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Python Path: Become a Python Programmer

Python is so empowering and in-demand, we created a whole path for it.

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Freelance Path: Launch a Tech Business

We'll walk you step-by-step to launching a freelancing business with or without coding skills ✊🏿

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Our fun and challenging courses are carefully designed to help 8-16 year-olds thrive in this tech-driven world.
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Our mission is to train, inspire and motivate the new generation of tech leaders.

Before you choose your Path, we want you to know that you are joining a serious tribe. They may not be experts (yet) but they started just like you: curious, confident, and hungry for life-changing tech opportunities.

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  • What kind of computer do I need?

    Great question. We recommend:

    - Windows or Mac computer (Chromebooks work with 80% of our courses)

    - 4GB of RAM or more (recommended: 8-16GB)

    - At least 30GB of free disk space

    - No special software needed upfront. We'll guide you along the way :)

  • Which path teaches me how to build Websites?

    Two of our paths teach you how to build websites.

    The Frontend Path teaches you how to code professional websites.

    The Freelance Path teaches you how to build professional websites without coding.

  • Which path helps teaches me how to build mobile apps?

    To build a mobile app, you will need a combination of Frontend and Backend skills. So you would benefit most by taking the the Frontend Path and the Python Path.

  • Which path teaches me how to build bots?

    Definitely the Python Path. If you want to build a trading bot, a chatbot, a bot to connect with your smart home or even a physical robot, Python is the language to start with.

  • Can I sign up for more than one path?

    Yes, you can. Our paths are inexpensively priced so that you can try out different tech paths without going into debt or taking out student loans.

    You can sign up for more than one path for yourself and you can also use your account to register a kid for the Youth Tribe.

  • Which path leads to a $50,000 - $100,000/year salary?

    All of them!

    The Frontend and Python paths are designed to prepare you to land a job as a developer. We have a checklist that maps directly to common job applications. We know what employers want, and that's what we focus on.

    The Freelance Path is awesome because it empowers you to be your own employer! We'll teach you how to find, win, and maintain clients willing to pay you $500 -$10,000 per job.

  • Which path helps me start my own development agency?

    The Freelance Path for sure. And you can pair it with any of the other paths. You can start a web development agency or a python development agency. The more you learn, the more you can offer and the more valuable you will be to your clients.

  • How long will I have to study a path to get a job?

    Each path is different and each student is different. But here are some estimates for someone who studies 1-3 hours each day:

    💰Frontend Path: 8 - 18 months
    💰Python Path: 6 - 12 months
    💰Freelance Path: You're the boss! Start today and start making money within 90 days

  • I have a different question, how can I get help?

    Please review our full FAQ page for more insight.

    If you need furthere assistance please email us at and we'll respond within 24 hours with the answers you need.