So...what is a bot anyway?

A bot (short for web robot) is a software application designed to imitate human behavior. They are automated and perform tasks based on the instructions they are given at a high rate of speed and scale.  Bots are a part of daily life...if you use the internet in almost any capacity you have encountered a bot.

Here's a few examples:

  • Customer service chat bots that help answer questions
  • Search engine bots that use machine learning to index content
  • Provide website metrics and improve website performance 

We'll build 4 bots during the First Ever Bot Camp!

Check out the Bots you'll unlock in this camp

  • Trading Bots

    These are bots that can make trading Crypto, Stocks, Forex and other money markets a lot simpler. We will build a simple trading bot that scans chart data, finds a pattern and automatically executes a trade!

  • Chat Bots

    We've all probably interacted with a chatbot on a website (think of that auto response you get when asking for help on a website chat). Or maybe you've been in a Slack or Discord group that has a bot that automatically sends important updates, reminders or funny messages. We're going to show you how these interactive communication bots are built.

  • Shop Bots

    Nobody likes going to a website to purchase an item, and within 10 minutes of it being listed: it's gone. Well, you can thank Shop Bots for that. These fast retail bots are to blame for the quick sell out of top brands like Jordan, Supreme and PlayStation consoles.

  • Scraping Bots

    Have you ever visited a website that has so much value and you wish you could just download all of the text on the page? If you had a scraping bot you could do this in less than a minute. You don't want to miss this powerful lesson in which we'll demonstrate how Scraping Bots work and how to build one.

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