With ZERO CODING experience, you can build any kind of website using WordPress (take a moment and soak that in).

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Meet The Teach

I've been working with Wordpress for over 5 years. I've created a successful 6 figure freelancing firm in less than 3 years.

Back in 2015, I invested in a Wordpress course.  Within a month, I was able to  launch Wordpress websites in less than a few hours.

Our price back then was $500/website.
It's now 2020 and my price has quadrupled!

In this course,  I will show you step by step how I charged a client $3,000 to build a website that took 3 just days. I promise I can't make this stuff up.

Wordpress changed my life šŸ™šŸ¾
Now Allow Wordpress to change yours šŸ¤‘
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There are more freelance jobs available then there are freelancers. They have a budget, you just need the skill.

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Wordpress is the most slept on side hustle that can quickly become your main hustle. 

Unlock Wordpress Mastery

You'll step away from your computer knowing:
  • Why Wordpress is so popular
  • How to Purchase a domain 
  • How to choose a hosting provider 
  • How to quickly install WordPress
  • Choosing and installing themes
  • The 4 Powerful Pā€™s of Wordpress 
  • And Plenty of Extra Resources! 

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