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Our Memberships are for anyone looking to ignite their tech career without all of the hassle of traveling, tuition and boring teachers.

We're on a mission to teach 2,020 people how to code by 2020. We're almost there but you can still Join our Tribe!

All it takes is 30 minutes

The Unlock Academy is breaking barriers for thousands of individuals around the globe. Our teaching style and the strategy we provide will ignite your tech career. Want to see how easy coding can be?
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$40 / month
$450 / year (save 6%)
The Mastery Membership comes with a whole load of training, resources and long-term benefits.
Below are just some of the reasons you'd want to be a Mastery Member.
  • 12-16 Month Coding Course (DEV202)
  • Build a Real-Life E-commerce Website
  • We will Help Get You Coding Internships  
  • Access To All Live Pro Sessions
    • Career Development Sessions
    • Learn How To Interview At Tech Companies
    • How to Blend Into Startup Culture
    • Enhanced Tutoring Sessions
    • Discover Cool Tools Needed to Stay Productive
    • Resume Development
    • Opportunities To Work On Active Projects/Apps/Websites
  • Need A Reference For A Job: We Take Care Of That.

We're here to see you turn your curiosity into learning the most relevant tech skill there is: Software Development.

Includes access to 8 products:
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$35 / month
$450 / year (save -7%)
This membership is for youth ages 8 - 15. We will be teaching youth how to build a website! If students wish to continue after the initial course, they can also learn the fundamentals of app development and robotics.

This course is lead by 13-year-old computer scientist: Jay Jay Patton.

Youth Membership also comes with access to Private Youth Study Group! 

Includes access to 5 products:
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How long does it take to get really good at coding? Like "get a job" good.

It really depends on how much time you have to put into learning. Some people can see life-changing results in 6 months. For other people, who have less time to dedicate to learning how to code, it may take 12-16 months to reap the benefits of learning how to code.

Are the Coding Classes Self-Paced?

Yes. You may watch the videos when you want and however many times you want. You have complete control over the course content.

What type of computer do I need?

The best computers for coding are Windows, Macs and Chromebooks. As long as you have internet access we can show you how to code on the computer!

Do I need to be good at Math to Code?

No. Most of the websites and apps you'll be building doesn't require you to be good at math. It's actually  huge myth that you need to be good at math to learn how to code/program.

Will I have support along the way?

Of course. We have very hands on team that can always be reached via email help@unlock.acadmy.

We also have a super active Slack group. Slack is a group messaging app (for mobile and desktop). Once you sign up you'll get a link to join over 1500 students who are also learning to code with the Unlock Academy.

On Slack you can ask as many questions as you'd like and benefit from other people's questions. You'll also find a ton of tips, resources and job opportunities. Join us!

Are there discounts available?

Sometimes. We get random donations from kind people around the world who love the work we're doing at Unlock Academy. Check out this page for more info.