Antoine Patton
Antoine Patton is a coder, coach and tech entrepreneur who helps people of color to launch websites, apps or even careers in the tech world. Before starting Unlock Academy,  a self-paced online coding school, Antoine worked 8 years as a full-stack and mobile app developer. Antoine taught himself how to code while serving 8 years in prison. Antoine was driven by his desire to return home to his daughter Jay'Aina and help raise her to be an uplifting pillar of the community.

After a successful career helping start-up tech companies, Antoine now consults companies of all sizes on how to build, deploy, and scale tech products. Antoine enjoys gaming, traveling and spending time with his Queen Regina, son Jayden and daughters Jay'Aina & Nova. 


Jay'Aina Patton is a 14-year-old app builder, web developer and co-founder of Unlock Academy where she teaches how to code on video games. She also provides really simple video tutorials on building websites. Jay'Aina built her first mobile app when she was just 12-years-old for Photo Patch Foundation where she is the Junior Director. She taught hundreds of kids impacted by incarceration how to code before she was 14-year-old among other distinctions in the field. Jay'Aina helps youth and parents see coding as a fun and challenging at-home activity.

Jay'Aina has spoken at conferences, taught at Microsoft and other tech companies and received dozens of youth awards. She has been featured on national television segments like The Today Show and Steve Harvey show. Jay'Aina is an avid gamer and aspiring signer from Buffalo, NY.