How to Use our Slack Workspace
June 18, 2019
Hey Tribe!

Watch this video to learn the basics of navigating our Slack group. We have a few key channels you should know about. You can also have private messages with one another.

Overall, Slack is where most of the actions happen. Post your questions, your homework, your resources, and your funny memes!

We also have a #encouragement channel to help you keep your spirits up.

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Aliou Thiam

I think I might need another invitation to Slack, it says that the current one no longer active. I'm already a member of tech master

It looks like ************ isn’t associated with any workspaces yet. If you're looking for a specific workspace, try asking an admin in that workspace for an invitation.

Leslie Knox

I am interested in my 8 yr old grandson learning to code

Ronald Woods

How do I get started learning the basics on coding


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