Tribe Update
October 05, 2019
Peace to the Tribe,

We had a little bit of drama over the past week. There was a certain someone who had doubts about what we're doing at the Unlock Academy. Watch this video to get the scoop.

Nothing will stop us from striving to reach our goal. We are always open to suggestions. Just continue to be open and honest with us and we will do the same to you all. 

Together we are better!
No crab in the barrel mentality!
Constructive criticism is a beautiful thing.
Pessimism is a devilish trait.

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Leslie Jones

my life is changing because of this

Cassandra Oliver

Coach thank you, so much, for being such an inspiration to us all, and thank you, for your transparency and endless sacrifices. The U/A Tribe knows that "Team Work Makes The Dream Work" - African Proverb, and "Where There is a Will There Is A Way! I'm sure there are more than enough hopeful Tribe members ready to achieve what we need by 2020. #Tribelove, #2020 by 2020

Shawntay Williams

Dang... I honestly felt negative energy from my 1st interaction with him. I thought I was just being sensitive.

Aretha Best

Antoine!! Thank you (and Jay Jay) for all you do and for being transparent!! After listening to this video I am even more inspired!!!! I just LOVE you guys and can't wait to meet you. Please come to Durham NC!!!!!!!! and do a live session. I have been a member for 2 months and have been slow getting started (also in RE school) but I am in it for the long haul. #2020 by 2020!!!

Annette Savannah

Coach, you are the best!! In the words of McFadden and Whitehead, Ain't No Stopping Us Now! Cuz We Leaving the Negative People Way Behind!!

Tiffany Matthews

Thank you for your honesty, I hate to hear this happened , but know this is an indication that you are not what they say negatively about you or the MOVEMENT, it brought out of you the ability to show another part of your character and shared it with those you are COACHING. I also thank you for slowing it down, YOUR PATIENCE, and I speak for myself , ever since I started things have been going on whether work, family, etc, and there are days I have to PRESS. The RESISTANCE coming against me getting the homework in, this is only an indication that greatness is at the end of the assignment, and with resistance comes spiritual strength and physical strength. I don't only say this for myself I say this FOR YOU and for all of the TRIBE MEMBERS. Don't allow those who talk behind your back affect you they are behind you for a reason, haters are you stepping stones to push you forward into your destiny, understand they are hurt, and that hurt showed up in the form of fear and pain(disappointment) by speaking out that negativity into the atmosphere. It showed that they did not get to where you are right now, LET God deal with them and the things they do and say. I know it hurts, because of the relationships being built, It doesn't make them bad people just hurt people. He is very knowledgeable, and she was uplifting, and if they would of handled it differently it could of been an amazing experience for all involved, but GOD makes no mistakes some people are leaves in your life, they shed after a season sooner than expected. Stay HAPPY, ENCOURAGED, AND CONTINUE STRONG NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE , numbers don't determine the quality. Have an amazing remaining of your week coach. I believe in this MOVEMENT and everyone involved!

Sheesh. This brought tears to my eyes and chill bumps to my skin. I so so so so appreciate you for this. It was the confirmation I didn't even know I needed. Much Love! #TribeLove!

Tiffany Matthews

Much Love Right back to YOU #TribeLove!

George J

Appreciate your transparency. Glad I missed the toxicity. Let's get this literate in these languages and application tribe!

Dwayne King

I greatly appreciate your honesty and transparency. You are an inspiration to us all. Some people don't have the patience and the faith to carry on. I am working on my own patience and consistency, so I understand what a struggle it can be for some people. However, sowing seeds of disbelief and impatience among the members of the academy is uncalled for. Sometimes a person's character matters as much, if not more than their skill set. It could've been something in that person's character that was holding him back. People projecting their shortcomings onto other people is like knowingly spreading a disease. I believe in the mission and I am proud to be one of the 2,020 you're teaching to code by the end of the year 2020. Let's keep moving forward.

"People projecting their shortcomings onto other people is like knowingly spreading a disease. "

That is so deep. Thank you Dwayne. Forward we go! Ardis

Isn't Java one of the most difficult to learn? I'm not gonna lie, I feel I'm one of the people that feel as though I'm so far behind, I might give up. DAILY! But I know giving up isn't going to make the change in my life that I need. So it's not an option. Keep up the good work. There will always be a person that will smile in your face and talk negatively behind your back. I'm currently dealing with that at my job. My condolences for your loss. Please take the time to morn your mother. We truly appreciate you and love what you're doing. Don't find yourself breaking down out of the blue because you didn't take the time you needed when you need it. Thanks again! You're beyond appreciated.

Bredia Newbolt

Your pure spirit speaks for itself. We appreciate all that you do and we will continue to change lives for the better.

Michael Amoah

Man I got so much luv 4 u,cos u so real n down to earth.I hav so much faith in u regardless,even after watchin only 2 videos I know I can do this cos of the way u break it down simply.keep the power of positivity alive,most of us luv u.2020 here we come,peace

Ashley Herds

Stay positive! Keep moving forward.

We most definitely will. Thanks for the encouragement.


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