The Mastery Membership is Currently Closed.

The Unlock Academy has closed enrollment for the Mastery Membership.

We will announce via email when enrollment reopens. Subscribe to emails here.

If you are already a Mastery Member, you are safe. We are doing this mainly because we want to focus more on empowering you! More details throughout this blog. Share with your friends and family before it's too late!

Other ways to become a Mastery Member
There are other ways to become a Mastery member:
  1. Get referred by someone who is already a member
  2. Complete our Free 4-week coding bootcamp
  3. Complete the 15DayCodingChallenge
Learn more about the Free Coding Bootcamp

Why are we closing the Mastery Membership?

In 2019, our top two priorities were teaching and recruiting.

We believe that 2020 is the Year of Precision. Our team has a vow to direct more focus to Student Success and Quality Recruitment. These two things are very important to us. Keep reading to learn what they mean for you. 

Our Commitment to Student Success

In just one year, the Unlock Academy now has over 2,000 active students per month. We started this online community to help amplify their goals and ambition. Our students learn from a variety of different resources,  but they have made Unlock Academy their home. 

We have promised to help students unlock opportunities in the tech space. That includes job opportunities,  freelancing opportunities and launching their own tech based businesses.

Closing Mastery enrollment means we can place more focus on filling in the gaps in our students' knowledge before coaching them into career mode. 

  • We will be hiring more teachers to create courses that teach more relevant skill-sets
  • We will be solidifying more partnerships with companies that have software development needs
  • We will be launching a opportunity board exclusively for students looking for tech-based job positions, scholarships and fellowships
  • We will be offering tips, tricks and best practices for creating bomb resumes and attractive portfolios

What comes with the Mastery Membership?

Benefits of being a Mastery Members include:
  • Learn how to build websites.
    • Unlimited access to web development classes: DEV101, DEV202, DEV303, 15DayChallenge, 90 Day Blueprint and other upcoming courses
  • Learn how to build apps.
    • Unlimited access to mobile development classes: DEV505, DEV606 and other upcoming courses
  • Learn how to earn.
    • Benefit from our career development services that will ignite your coding career. Job opportunities, freelancing opportunities, and earning commission as a Unlock Academy brand ambassador are perks you can expect.

Our Commitment to Quality Recruitment

Pausing enrollment does not mean that we will stop looking for aspiring coders. We have switched to a new way of finding serious students.  Students can now only become a Mastery Member in 1 of 3 ways:
  1. A special invite from a student who is already a Mastery Member
  2. By first purchasing and completing one of our prep courses (DEV101, 15DayCoding Challenge, Wordpress101 or Gaming101)
  3. By signing up during one of our open enrollment periods (no set dates)

Unlock a Free Bonus 🔓

Signup today to be a Mastery Member and automatically get a free copy of From Procrastinator to Programmer!

3 More Reasons Why You Should Become a Member

Our Price is the absolute Best 
A year worth of education at the Unlock Academy is 1% of what it cost for a traditional college school year.

Computer Science Degrees can cost $40,000/year whereas our standard membership dues are just $40/month.

Our Mission is Empowering
The Unlock Academy was created out of love and commitment to seeing more underrepresented individuals succeed in tech.

We have a pay it forward mentality and we are striving to help thousands of people find success in the tech space.

As an exclusive Mastery Member you will have the rare ability to personally invite friends and families to be members even when enrollment is closed. That is if you think their work ethic, positivity, and values align with the rest of our Movement.

Coding is the hottest skill on the planet!
Knowing how to code is impressive, it’s lucrative and it’s empowering. That means you can make new friends because you code, you can be offered a $20,000 check because you code, and you can solve real world problems because you code.

You’ll have the power to build any software related technology you want. So many doors will instantly open for you.


Will I still be able to sign up for individual courses?

Yes you will. But you won't be able to sign up for the Mastery which comes with access to the bundle of courses at the absolute best price.

How do I get help with assignments?

When you have ANY type of question, we have a support group there for you. Join our Slack workspace - a mobile and desktop chat app exclusively for Unlock Academy students, tutors and Coaches. Join our group and ask questions publicly or privately.

Are the courses self-paced?

Yes! All of our courses are made of pre-recorded videos that you have unlimited access to. Rewind and fast-forward as you please.

Can I see a sample of the Unlock Academy teaching style?

For sure -> Click this link here to watch our Free 30 minute coding lesson. Simply press play, maximize the video and focus on the lesson. You'll love it! 

Do I need to be good in Math or Science to excell?

No you do not. We'll be teaching program concepts from the very beginnings