Learn the Basics of HTML and CSS. This is a great warm up before you take on our DEV202 course.

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We've gather over 2,000 members since last year and now it's time to close and focus on our core students. 

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What's included?

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Lesson 1
Introduction to HTML
Lesson 1 Homework
School Information
How DEV101 Works
School Goals
Tribe Principles
Commitment Goals
Notifications & Mail
When Do I Signup For Mastery Membership?
Lesson 2
Understanding HTML & CSS
Lesson 2 Homework
Need Help With
Lesson 3
More HTML & CSS Fundamentals
Lesson 3 Homework
How to use online code editor
Lesson 4
Structuring Your HTML Page
Lesson 4 Homework
Wrapping Up
DEV101 Quiz
Become A Master