How DEV101 Works

Welcome to Unlock Academy! We're excited you decided to explore the world of software development with us. Before you start, there are a few items we'd like to point out.
  1. This Course Is For Beginners. If you are simply curious about software development, this is where you want to start. Take your time and determine if this is really for you. Do you like building things? Do you like solving problems? Do you like working on teams? Do you like the sound of getting paid well to work on a computer? Well, the tech industry may be for you.
  2. Asking Questions Can Determine Your Success. Software Development is inherently intimidating. If you don't ask questions, you will overwhelm yourself with fear and Imposter's Syndrome. There are going to be many moments where you will hit a wall, get frustrated in solving a problem and start doubting if you are cut out for this.) So as confusion arises, re-watch or re-read the content and if it still doesn't click, IMMEDIATELY go on Slack and ask questions. We are paying attention to who the most active students are.
  3. Use Your Real Name & Be Professional. We've created a really positive and productive environment. Everyone in the Unlock Academy and in our Slack group is here to learn how to code. This is not an opportunity to promote businesses or debate. Try to stay away from sensitive subjects like religion & politics.
  4. Follow The Curriculum. Step through the lessons one-by-one in order. As you progress, so will your confidence. There will be a quiz at the end which will help you determine your growth thus far.
  5. Assessment/Test. After you complete this DEV101 course, there will be a series of questions. Based on how you do on that assessment will determine if you can/should proceed to DEV202. Best of luck!
If you are ever confused about what you should be working on, just look at where you are in the curriculum. You can always reach out to us on slack. Send a message to the group channels, send a direct message and if you can't get on slack, send an email to


Let's Code!


Learn the Basics of HTML and CSS. This is a great warm up before you take on our DEV202 course.

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