For this Challenge, I'd like for you to re-create this Multi-use Singlepage template. Multi-use just means that it can be used by a variety of brands across different industries.

Usually, there will be a designer who creates the mockup of the design (like the one you see here in this challenge) and it's our job as developers to write the code that brings the designer's vision to life.

You do not have to use the exact fonts or images that you see on this mockup/template. However, they should be comparable/similar so that the website you build still looks nice and clean.

Everything you see on this page, we've already covered:

That should be enough hints for now. But if you need help with ANYTHING, send an SOS message on Slack! The Tribe is here to help.

Where to post?
When you're done with the template, post it in the #challenges channel on slack:
  • Use, QuickTime or so that you can share a visual of your work (it can be a video or a link to the webpage itself)


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