Overview of Challenge

Ready to test your commitment?! Learn some code in just 15 days!

To complete the #15DayCodingChallenge, just watch one coding video a day, for 15 days in a row. This is the surest way to practice discipline and commitment to self-development.

When you sign up, you'll get one email a day which will have the coding video of the day.  By the end of this Coding Challenge, you will have the knowledge needed to build a standard website!

The #15DayCodingChallenge is meant to help you create a new habit that will ultimately change your life.

Join the journey. And don't be selfish, invite some friends and family along with you! Nothing like "Accountability Partners". Let's Make History!

Unlock Coding!


The course will teach you how to build websites in just 15 days. It's very structured for those who battle with time management and procrastination.

Watch one video a day, for 15 days. Homework assignments and fun challenges are included.

Over 600 people used our 15DayCodingChallenge to launch their tech careers. You're up next!

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