Benefits of Challenge

Here's everything that comes with the #15DayCodingChallenge:
  • 15 Coding videos delivered straight to your email
  • Learn how to code in HTML 
  • Learn how to code in CSS 
  • Learn how to code in JavaScript 
  • An Accountability Partner: Antoine.Digital
  • Unlimited Slack Messaging with Antoine.Digital
  • Extra Coding Challenges
  • Learn how to problem solve
  • Learn how to turn a mockup/wireframe into a webpage
  • Learn how to debug your code using browser tools
But that's not it. When you complete the #15DayCodingChallenge, you also get officially invited to be apart of the #UnlockTribe and the *2020By2020. 

* Antoine.Digital, JayJay.Digital and the whole Unlock Academy Team are each on a Mission to teach 2,020 people how to code by the year 2020.


The course will teach you how to build websites in just 15 days. It's very structured for those who battle with time management and procrastination.

Watch one video a day, for 15 days. Homework assignments and fun challenges are included.

Over 600 people used our 15DayCodingChallenge to launch their tech careers. You're up next!

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