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If you thought you couldn't understand code, think again. I feel like it's my life's purpose to bring the world of coding to the masses by providing courses that are clear, simplified and self-paced.

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We have the best pricing! Our Mastery Members get the training and grooming needed to become a full blown coder for just $40/month.

  • Intro to coding
  • Intro to computers
  • Intro to Web Development
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  • Advanced programming
  • Career Coaching
  • Weekly Tutoring & Support
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Mastery members get access to several different courses that start from beginner level and guide you to become a Master learner. 

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If you aren't ready for the Mastery Membership, you can start with just one of the courses that come with the Mastery Membership.

  • 15 Day Challenge - this top-selling course will show you how to build a beautiful website in just 15 Days. 

  • 90 Day Blueprint - this course includes the 15 Day Challenge and FREELANCER101 which shows you how to start making money in 90 Days.

  • DEV202 - this course teaches you how to make websites interactive by learning JavaScript.

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Structure of the 90 Day Course

Day 1-30

You will build elegant websites on desktop and mobile devices.

Day 30-60

Your confidence will be through the roof as you master the fundamentals.

Day 60-90

You'll get a full step-by-step blueprint to become a paid freelancer.
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 If you aren't getting what you expected within the first 30 days, we'll happily give you a 100% refund. That's how confident we are.

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Besides being down to earth, loyal and woke asf, who else is going to:
  • teach you how to code
  • help you get that tech-money
  • introduce you to 1,500 new dope friends
All in less than 90 days?
Yes. I've done it. My students are doing it. You should be doing it. 
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5 Things You Gain After the 90 Day Course

  1. The confidence to call yourself a Web Developer. 
  2. A brand, business, and portfolio to position yourself as a professional freelancer.
  3. A step-by-step strategy to make $300-$1000 per week.
  4. A tribe of people you can learn and code with.
  5. Opportunities to Pay It Forward by tutoring new Unlock students.
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We regularly receive $10 donations from current students as well as from random generous people. These donations are used to help "Sponsor" new students who can not pay the full course amount.

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Tribe Leader.
Antoine Patton is a coder, coach and tech entrepreneur who has has helped people all around the globe launch websites, apps and even careers in the tech world. Antoine taught himself how to code while serving 8 years in prison.

Before starting Unlock Academy - Antoine worked 8 years as a full-stack and mobile app developer. Antoine believes increasing diversity in the tech field is directly linked with decreasing the wealth gap.