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The 90 Day Coder Blueprint

Empowerment at it's best!
  1. Learn how to build websites
  2. Learn how to start a freelancing business
  3. Learn how to find clients
  4. Learn how to close deals.
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How to make money after learning how to code.

Watch this quick video to learn 3 practical ways to make money after taking our coding courses. We hope you not only enjoy, but also execute! The world is ours if we reach for it.



What's included?


Cool Tools Sessions

A group of videos about the most productive tools all coders can benefit from. Sit back and learn all of the cool software tools, extensions, plugins and platforms that will make your life as a computer programmer so much more powerful.


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From Procrastinator to Programmer (e-book)

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Tribe Leader.
Antoine Patton is a coder, coach and tech entrepreneur who has has helped people all around the globe launch websites, apps and even careers in the tech world. Antoine taught himself how to code while serving 8 years in prison.

Before starting Unlock Academy - Antoine worked 8 years as a full-stack and mobile app developer. Antoine believes increasing diversity in the tech field is directly linked with decreasing the wealth gap.