3 Step Affiliate Course by @unlock.academy

3 Step Affiliate Course

Activate this FREE Course to access everything you need to start earning passive and recurring income with the Unlock Academy. 

Just so you know...

This is a FREE and OPTIONAL guide meant to amplify your earnings as an affiliate. Feel free to skip around as you please.
You do not have to complete this course in order to start referring people and earning your commissions.

What's included?

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Step 1: Learn the Products
What comes with a Mastery or Youth Membership?
What is the 90 Day Coder Blueprint?
What is the DEV101 Course?
What is the DEV202 Course
What is the 15 Day Coding Challenge?
Step 2: Learn the Program
Where are my Affiliate Links?
Is There a Master Link I Can Share?
How Much Do I Make Per Referral?
When Do I Get Paid My Commissions?
How Much Income Can I Make as an Affiliate?
What Rewards Can I Get For Hitting Milestones?
Do I Still Get Paid If The Person I Referred Doesn’t Signup Right Away?
Do I Need PayPal To Get Paid?
Step 3: Learn the Pitch
Who Should I Refer to the Unlock Academy?
Should I Send Coupon Codes to my Referrals?
How Do I Send A Coupon Code With My Link?
Helpful Resources
FAQs About Coders
365 KB
Myths About Coders
380 KB
Unlock Academy Flyer (PDF)
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Mastery Member Curriculum
306 KB
Youth Coding Flyer For Organizations & Schools
498 KB
Atlanta Georgia Job Report (PDF)
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Job Market in North Carolina
563 KB
Affiliate Disclaimer
Extra Links to Unlock Academy Resources