#15DayCodingChallenge by @unlock.academy


The course will teach you how to build websites in just 15 days. It's very structured for those who battle with time management and procrastination.

Watch one video a day, for 15 days. Homework assignments and fun challenges are included.

Over 600 people used our 15DayCodingChallenge to launch their tech careers. You're up next!

Why should I learn to code?

Coding has become one of the most relevant skills in the world. Because technology is now apart of almost everything we do, every industry is looking for coders. 

No College degree needed. You can still get a job making $50K-$120K. Or you can launch your own million or billion dollar business.

Why should I join the Unlock Academy?

How did we get on the Today Show, Steve Harvey, the Forbes and other huge platforms? Easy. We are passionate and our mission won't be ignored.

We have been grinding day in and day out to build something monumental for you. We envisioned a platform and community for families to find educational empowerment. We believe that your past is your past. We'll coach you into your bright and bold future.

Let's #Unlock your greatness.

What's after the 15 Day Coding Challenge?

After the Challenge, you will understand the fundamentals of web development. The Next step will be to sign up for a Mastery Membership so that you can take a deeper dive into coding. If you don't want to continue coding, we suggest you take our Wordpress101 course which will show you how to build websites without writing any code!
Learn more about Wordpress101

What's included? Everything you need.

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Overview of Challenge
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What to do if you fall behind?
Benefits of Challenge
Intro to Challenge
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Welcome Message From Antoine.Digital
Day 1 of 15
Day 1 Lesson
Day 1 Homework
Are you on Slack?
Day 2 of 15
Day 2 Lesson
Day 2 Homework
Want an easy Text Editor?
Day 3 of 15
Day 3 Lesson
Day 3 Homework
Day 4 of 15
Day 4 of 15 (Overview)
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Day 4 Lesson
Day 4 Homework
Day 5 of 15
Day 5 of 15 (Overview)
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Day 5 Lesson
Day 5 Homework
Day 6 of 15
Day 6 of 15 (Overview)
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Day 6 Lesson
Day 6 Homework
Day 7 of 15
Day 7 of 15 (Overview)
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Day 7 Lesson
Day 7 Homework
Day 7 Homework - Solved
Day 7 Homework (Part 2)
Day 8 of 15
Day 8 of 15 (Overview)
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Day 8 Lesson
Object Analogy
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Day 8 Homework
Day 8 Homework - Solved
Day 9 of 15
Day 9 of 15 (Overview)
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Day 9 Lesson
Day 9 Homework
Day 10 of 15
Day 10 of 15 (Overview)
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Day 10 Lesson
Day 10 Homework
Day 11 of 15
Day 11 of 15 (Overview)
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Day 11 Lesson
Day 11 Homework
Day 12 of 15
Day 12 of 15 (Overview)
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Day 12 Lesson
Day 12 Homework
Day 13 of 15
Day 13 (Overview)
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Day 13 Lesson
Day 13 Homework
Day 14 of 15
Day 14 (Overview)
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Day 14 Lesson
Lesson 14 Homework
Day 15 of 15
Day 15 (Overview)
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Day 15 Lesson
Day 15 Homework
End of Challenge
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